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Anonymous wrote 4 years 9 weeks ago

New translation project in Russian

I've worked on your book with children of all ages from elementary school to high school, starting in 2006, once read your book. I was convinced by his experience convinced with what interest the guys do on your book. I want all teachers in Russian schools got acquainted with your book, as it allows you to effectively teach children.

I waited for the translation of your project on the Russian language, as I am very busy man. But, alas, did not wait. I have my translation, but it must mark up the text into a computer.

Therefore, to report that shortly before the February 2011 I will give the text in the editor, pdf. I am an expert in the field of pedagogy: I am PhD in computer science teaching methods.
How should I act so as not to violate the rights of the author. Yours Irina Derevianko (

Anonymous wrote 4 years 22 weeks ago

New Translation Project in Greek!

Hi all! I am writing to notify you that I discovered by chance the Unplugged Teachers in its Italian translation version and I got so enthusiastic with it , that I decided to set my self up for a complete translation of the whole book. I certainly run into a few problems with some specific technical words, but with the help of a few special personal friends of mine, I gradually made it to the end! I also got terrific help and encouragement by my son (Stefano), who patiently and diligently elaborated ALL the pictures and converted all the dialogues and the comments into the Greek language!
I saw, however, that in your site, you mention somewhere the name of a certain Theophanis Hatzigrivas, as a translator/ contributor in the Greek language. I tried to contact him via Facebook, but I am still awaiting for his reply. sPlease, keep me informed, so as to avoid myself going "out there" with all this work done, that -perhaps- somebody else has already gone over it......
In any case, my e-mail address is: and my name is Constantine Mousafiris. I live in Thessaloniki (in Central Macedonia, Northern part of Greece), and I work as a Paediatrician. I understand you might wonder how come I got involved into this.... I got registered as a member in the local GreekLUG (GNU/ Linux users group Association) and so I came to discover the beauty of Free Software and the joy one can draw from simply offering one's work to a community.
I shall wait with great interest your reply
Friendly regards from Greece


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